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Meet the Team

Sally Bradbury
Sally is one of the Admin team at DTAS.

She ran a successful Dog Training School in the south of England for 25 years and is now retired and lives in South Wales with her husband and several Border Collies.

Both are keen Agility competitors.

She admins the pre – puppy and the puppy groups with Emma and helps with the DTAS Monthly Premium Group as well as the main group.

She co wrote the popular children’s book Jack and Billy Puppy Tales that was inspired by the many rescue Border Collies that she has taken in over the years.

Jack and Billy Puppy Tales

Sally with some of her dogs

Emma and Tatty

Emma Judson
Emma runs our specialist Separation Anxiety Group and is also an admin in our Puppy Groups.

Emma has a wealth of knowledge around all aspects of dog behaviour and training, with experience spanning nearly 20 years.

Emma is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the Professional Association of Canine Trainers, an ABTC member organisation. She currently holds the PACT-KSA 1 – 1 accreditation.

Canine speciality: Hounds – sighthounds and scenthounds.

Behavioural speciality: Separation anxiety, resource guarding.

Emma’s website is: Canine Consultant

Abby Huxtable
Abby is one of the Admin Team on DTAS.

She lives in East Yorkshire with her husband, two Border Collies and two cats. When not working / training with animals, Abby likes to run in her spare time. Often with the dogs and often a long way!

Abby is an IMDT Trainer and full member as well as being a member of the PPG. She is currently working towards her full behaviourist qualifications. She usually helps admin the Premium Monthly Groups for DTAS as well as the main group.

Abby runs 1-2-1 sessions and group classes both in person and online. She mainly teaches general life-skills and fun activities to build relationships with our dogs, but she also enjoys dog sports. Abby is a Hoopers Instructor, so she incorporates those skills into class too.

Abby’s website is: A & B Animal Care

Abby with her two Border Collies


Jo Maisey
Jo is now more of a behind the scenes Admin; designing, building and looking after the website. She is also our Treasurer and Editor of the DTAS book.

Jo was involved with rescue dogs for around eight years. Most recently she was the volunteer training and behaviour adviser and occasional foster carer for a UK based rescue, giving advice and support to foster carers and adopters.

Jo specialised in fearful dogs and undertook a FdSc in Canine Behaviour and Training, which incorporated both theory and practical elements. She graduated in 2013.

Jo can be seen around the agility circuit. First with Bella, her BC and now with a tiny Designer Handbag Dog called Pixel. She insists she is still Collie Woman at heart!

Jo has mostly retired, but will still advise locally when asked,

Julie Robinson
Julie lives in Vermont in the USA with her dog, Tatum. She does a great job of moderating the DTAS Facebook group while we in the UK sleep, including adding the many members who ask to join every day.


Gemma and her lurchers

Gemma Jackson
Like many of the team, Gemma has been around dogs her entire life & is a bit dog mad.

Living in Newcastle with her partner & their two lurchers, Gemma is currently working towards obtaining her IMDT qualifications, with a view to making the leap from full time employment to full time self-employed dog trainer.

She has a keen interest in choice based training & hopes to specialise in anxious and fearful dogs.

Robyn Brown
Robyn was your average first time dog owner – all the gear, no idea.
Then along came Rhi, very much not your average dog, and a whole host of behavioural and health issues.

The DTAS Facebook group was pivotal in helping them to take positive steps forward.

Many tears and several steep learning curves later she landed up as a member of the team and is currently a small cog in the machine.

You can tag her for recommendations of trainers and behaviourists in your area, and also if you are having any difficulties navigating the group.


Ceri with Spot, Ellie, Winston,
Landy and Leisa

Ceri Stewart
Ceri is a vet with an interest in dog behaviour.

She lives in Wales with her family of dogs, cats and assorted other animals.

Ceri admins the main group and also helps in the monthly premium groups with general veterinary advice if needed.

Emily Iliffe
Emily is one of the Admin Team on DTAS.

She lives in London with her two ex-racing greyhounds and works as a dog trainer and behaviour consultant in London and the surrounding areas. She is particularly fond of sighthounds and rescue dogs.

Emily is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, the International Companion Animal Network, and the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe.

Emily’s website is: Happy Hounds Training and Behaviour

Emily and Nellie

Claire and Neipher

Claire Martin
Claire is one of the Admin Team at DTAS.

She is a COAPE level 5 behaviourist and trainer and lives with her nine rescue sighthounds. She is also a teacher at a specialist school where she works with her dogs with young people who have various additional needs including autism.

She competes in agility, canicross, scooterjor, hoopers and lure coursing with her dogs and runs a variety of dog training classes in Tamworth, Warwickshire, UK. She is post homing behavioural support for Forever Hounds Trust and the behaviourist for Hope for Podencos.

Claire’s contact details: Chrysalis K9

Diane Lesley
Diane is a moderator and helps out behind the scenes with creating pictures and banners for the various groups.

She has had dogs all her life, and joined DTAS when bringing a new rescue into the home resulted in anarchy (slight exaggeration)!

She lives with her partner and 2 rescues dogs who coexist separately within the household. An unconventional but happy household.

Rusty and Ruby

Byron, Jess and Ali

Kay Bradnum
Kay is a member of the Admin team, these days working behind the scenes.

She is a cross-over trainer who ran dog training classes and gave 1-2-1 advice in the past but now just helps privately when she can. She had sighthounds for many years, but now lives in South Lincs with a rescue mixed bag of lurcher, terrier x and Chinese Crested.

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