Group Rules

  1. Questions on behaviour and training only please
    Questions on other topics, particularly veterinary and feeding matters, are not within the remit of the group and are unlikely to be approved.
  2. Before posting…
    Please read the mandatory Guides 1 & 12, and any other guides that are relevant to your question. Posts must start by telling us what you have read. Any posts submitted WITHOUT this information will NOT be approved.
  3. This group is run by force free professionals
    All advice given is within our ethos of science-based, force-free and fear-free.
  4. This is an admin led advice group, not a discussion group
    Many of the posts will be Admin and OP only.
  5. Be kind and courteous
    Please, no judgemental, rude or aggressive comments or emoticons. We have zero tolerance for rudeness, especially towards the admin.
  6. No ads or links of any kind…
    Including recommendations for professional services without admin approval.
  7. Please do not post on threads that are clearly marked as Admin and OP only
    Posts are limited to Admin and the original poster (OP), with only a few exceptions. Posts will start with the red framed graphic that states this.
  8. Posting times
    All questions are answered by a professional or an assistant under our guidance. You may post at any time, but all posts go through an approval process. We aim to approve posts within a 48-hour window, but it’s often sooner, and rarely longer than that.
  9. Gifs, post backgrounds and screenshotting
    Please do not post gifs. Garish, coloured post backgrounds are unlikely to be approved. Sharing or screenshotting posts from the group is strictly forbidden. Sharing of files is permissible with full credit.
  10. Private Messaging
    Please do not send unsolicited messages to other group members. You may message an admin if you need to. Please report to admin if you receive unsolicited messages with advice or unsavoury content.