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Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions:
The stress-free way to live in harmony with your dog

A collection of articles, based on modern science, using force free and fear free methods

Solutions to common issues from pre-puppy to adulthood

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Jack and Billy Puppy Tales

A touching story of two puppies, Jack and Billy, during that all-important first year of their lives. Two different approaches to training and socialising, and consequently two different outcomes.

Wonderfully illustrated and informative for all the family.

Jack and Billy’s Top Advice for Puppies

A compilation of popular articles featured on Jack & Billy’s Facebook page on all aspects of raising a puppy using a positive and force free, fear free approach. Essential reading for all new puppy owners.

Subjects include:

  • Raising a Puppy
  • Toilet Training
  • Puppy’s First Walk
  • Getting a Puppy Used to Being Alone
  • Introducing a New Puppy to the Family Dog(s)
  • Puppy Biting and Play
  • Recall
  • And much more

From the authors of Jack and Billy Puppy Tales

A & B Animal Care

Dog Training & Behaviour
As a qualified IMDT trainer Abby is ready to help you with all your training and behavioural queries. Group classes or 1-2-1 sessions (at your home or out and about depending on your dog’s needs) are available. Online courses are also available.

Based in East Yorkshire.

Canine Consultant

At Canine Consultant, we believe dog ownership should be fun, that training should be easy and enjoyable for all, and that there is no need nor place for pain or fear within animal training.

We offer a range of services to help you get the best out of sharing your life with a dog.

We offer safe, practical and science-based advice, training methods, support and much much more.
From private 1 – 1 training and behaviour sessions to lectures and seminars, from remote support for those looking for their first family dog to those battling extreme separation anxiety problems – we have a lot to offer and if you’ve got a problem we can’t solve, we certainly know someone who can within our close knit network of canine professionals.

Consults can be remote (live chats via the internet) or in person in the Malvern and Worcester areas.

Happy Hounds Training and Behaviour

Emily is a qualified, accredited and fully insured dog trainer and behaviourist. She is based in Roehampton, South West London, but is happy to travel or conduct online sessions.

She only uses positive, force-free and science-based training methods that will help you and your dog to understand and communicate with one another better. She is committed to never use aversive training methods or tools, and she will never ‘correct’ your dog’s behaviour, or put your dog in a situation that they are not comfortable with.

Chrysalis K9

The very best dog training and behavioural support for your dog in the Midlands, located near Tamworth. We also run classes in agility, trick training, lure coursing and scent work. We specialise in reactive dogs.

Chrysalis K9 is the West Midlands leading force free, positive dog training organisation. Claire is a CAPBT behaviourist who can work with dogs that have behavioural problems including aggression, separation related issues and training issues. Claire is also an IMDT trainer and we also run group training classes for puppies and trick training classes for older dogs. In addition we make bespoke dog accessories such as leads, collars and long lines from paracord and biothane.