How the Group Works

Welcome to the Dog Training Advice and Support group.

This group is about providing safe, force-free, positive-reinforcement-based, training and behaviour advice.

All posts are answered by a qualified admin, or an assistant under our guidance, and will be strictly Admin and Original Poster only with very few exceptions.

Question on Dog Training and Behaviour only please

The group is heavily moderated and for that we make no apologies.

All posts go into a queue in pending where they are answered in turn by an admin. This can take anything from a few minutes to a few days.

Posts submitted without mentioning the guides read will be approved but you will be asked to read guides and edit your post to that effect. This will send your post back into pending and you’ll get a second chance at an admin reply to your question(s). Exceptions will be made if we deem it necessary, such as a bite risk, or where children are involved, so that we can give emergency advice.

Often there will be a lengthy conversation between the OP and the advising admin. We are not a discussion group so we ask that you do not interrupt.

We can only take questions on training and behaviour.

Please use the search function and read the guides before posting.