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Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions

The release of the definitive book on living in harmony with your dog

This book deals with common problems in various life circumstances, including puppyhood, raising dogs and children together and, as the title suggests, offers solutions for dealing with a range of unwanted behaviours.

‘Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions’ will be available via Amazon in all countries, as a paperback, Kindle or Audible version.

Retailers may email us to order wholesale copies.

The canine professionals who have been collaborating since 2012 to create and sustain one of the most successful online dog training advice groups, Dog Training Advice and Support, have now published their cult ‘guides’ to raising a puppy and living with dogs in one compact but comprehensive book, ‘Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions: The stress-free way to live in harmony with your dog’. Just like the Facebook group, which consists of over 375,000 members and is based on the professional advice of experienced trainers, behaviourists, and vets, the book takes a force-free, fear-free approach to canine training and behavioural issues.