Complete List of Guides and their Contents

Guide 1: Welcome TO DTAS
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Complete List of Guides and Their Contents
Group Rules
How the Group Works
How to use the Guides
Why is DTAS not like other Facebook Groups?
My Magic Wand Is Broken
Our Book – Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions
Premium Groups
Donations to Charity
Why we don’t use Aversives
The Sneaky Aversive
Q&A on Punishment and Aversives
Quick Fixes
The Difference between ‘No’ and Other words
Management vs Training
He’s Perfect, Except…

Guide 2: Puppies

Recommended Reading List
Raising a Puppy
Toilet/Potty Training
Puppy’s First (and Subsequent) Nights
Puppy Biting and Play
Puppies and Time
Tell Me Again – Why Can’t I Leave my Puppy Alone?
Cry it Out
Puppy Confidence
Toilet/Potty Training and Overnight Sleeping – Discussion Thread
Puppy Biting- Discussion Thread
Crate Training
Getting Puppy Used to Being Alone
Alone Training – The Next Steps
Teaching Self-Control
Puppy’s First Walk
Socialising your Puppy
Socialising – The Good, The Bad, and The Consequences
Socialising and Social Distancing
Introducing a New Puppy to The Family Dog(s)
The Lounge is for Lounging
Two Puppies? Littermate Syndrome
Prevention of Resource Guarding
Games to play with your Puppy
Choosing a Responsible Breeder
Common Errors When Using Food in Training
Happy Puppy Care

Guide 3: Rescue Dog
Cute Dog hiding inside a Cage

New Dog? Slow Down!
I Got a Shelter/Rescue Dog – Now What?
Caring for Rescue Ex-Street Dogs
Trigger Stacking
Drax the Wolfhound

Guide 4: Recall

Teaching a Recall
Using and Choosing a Long Line
Prey Drive
Bite Sized Recall Tips, from Jack and Billy
Recall and Prey Drive Discussion Thread

Guide 5: Fearful Dogs
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Working with Fear Issues
Reactive Dogs
Reactive Dog Myths
My Puppy is a Scaredy Cat
Secondary Fear Period
Trigger Stacking
Lead Reactivity and Groups vs Greetings
Working with Traumatised Dogs
Drax the Wolfhound
Noise Phobias – Fireworks
Afraid of Visitors
Counter Conditioning
Behaviour Modification and Medication
Does your Dog Really Want to be Petted?

Guide 6: Resource Guarding
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Prevention of Resource Guarding – Jack and Billy Puppy Tales
Resource Guarding Protocol, by Emily Larlham
Prevention of Food Guarding
Food Aggression and Jess
Resource Guarding of Owner

Guide 7: Behaviour

Dogs Hump Because…
The Link between Behaviour and a Medical Issue
Begin at the Beginning
Where Do I Start? What Should my Dog Know?
My Dog Doesn’t Listen to Me
Exercising your Dog’s Mind
Shadow/Light Chasing
Things that go Bump in the Night
Unwanted Behaviours
Muzzle Love

Guide 8: Barking

Barking in the Car
Barking at the TV
Barking at Birds/Squirrels
Barking at the Neighbour’s Dogs over the Fence
Barking at Family Cats
Barking/Crying when Left Alone
Barking for Attention
Two-Second Time Out for Barking
Top Tips to Reduce Barking

Guide 9: Separation Anxiety
Dog Looking through Window

Separation Anxiety – Fact vs Fiction
Separation Anxiety – Discussion Thread and Q & A
Separation Anxiety – Q & A
Prevention of Separation Related Anxiety/Frustration
Cry it Out
Crate Training for Separation Anxiety
Doorway to… Enlightenment?
The Hokey Cokey Game
The ‘Do it by Myself’ Game

Guide 10: Multi-Dog/Pet Family

Living in a Multi-Dog Household
Introducing a New Puppy to the Family Dog(s)
Two Puppies? Littermate Syndrome
Introducing a New Dog
Dogs and Cats/Small Furries
In-House Fighting

Guide 11: Dogs and Children/Babies
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Preparing your Dog for the Arrival of a Baby
Pram Training
An Excellent Book to Read with your Children
The Kids are Alright
A Great Little Video from Wood Green
Madeline Gabriel’s Excellent Dogs and Babies Website
Mamas, Don’t let your Babies get Magnetized to Dogs
Dr Sophia Yin on Kids and Dogs
Stop the 77 – Dog Bite Prevention
5 Steps to Living with Babies and Dogs
How to Kiss your Dog
Liam J Perk Foundation
Family Paws – Parent Education
Put the Camera Down

Guide 12: Dog Speak

Dogs are not Public Property
Introduction to Canine Body Language
Dog Body Language
Dog Body Language – What your Dog is Desperately Trying to Tell You!
What Does a Wagging Tail Mean?
Dog-Dog Playing – Body Language
Do Dogs Feel Guilt?
Does your Dog Really Want to be Petted?
Terriers, Hounds, and Husbands
Stress Reduction and Building Independence
Dogs Don’t Bite out of the Blue
Growling is a Good Thing!
Desensitising a Dog to Touch
Conditioning to Being Picked Up
Why is my Dog Growling when I Pick Him Up?
I Speak Doggie
Why you Shouldn’t Say No to your Dog
The Importance of Choice
Cue vs Command
The Importance of No
The Trouble with Dog to Dog Play
He Just Wants to Say Hi!
Attitudes and Consequences in Dog Training

Guide 13: Loose Lead/Leash Walking
running, walk, when walking-4442053.jpg

General Advice Before you Start
Teaching a Puppy to Walk on a Lead/Leash
Walkies Wear: What the Science Says
The Problem with Head Collars
Getting your Dog to Love his Harness
Does your Dog Sniff too Much? Let him!
Loose Lead/Leash Walking
Who’s Walking Who?
Series of Videos on Loose Lead/Leash Walking
Polite Walking Video Series
Help! My Dog Pulls!
Let’s Go Cue

Guide 14: Dominance and Aversives
Dog Sitting on Brown Ground

Dispelling the Myth – Different Dogs Learn in Different Ways
Why we don’t use Aversives
The Dangers of Aversives
Alpha Dog Myths
Dominance in Dogs – An Easy Read
Choke/Check Chains – What’s the Problem?
Links to the Dominance Myth
TV Dog Trainers Aren’t Magicians
Growling is a Good Thing!
But it Worked for my Dog!
Dominance Quiz – Just for Fun!

Guide 15: Finding a Trainer/Behaviourist
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Trainers/Behaviourists to follow online, and other Facebook Pages
UK – Associations you can Trust to Find a Trainer/Behaviourist
Finding a Trainer/Behaviourist Outside of the UK
Courses – How to Become a Trainer/Behaviourist
Puppy Classes – How to Recognise a Good One
Fear-Free Vets

Guide 16: Training/Behaviour Solutions

Clicker Training – The Basics
Ask the Admin – Q & A Chat Thread
Teaching a Down on Cue
Teaching a Retrieve to Hand
Frustrated Greeter
Chasing/Lunging at Cars
Desensitising to Car Journeys
Travelling and Flying with your Dog
Kissing and Cuddling
Coprophagia (Poo Eating)
Four on the Floor – Prevention of Jumping Up
Jumping in Excitement at Visitors
Counter Surfing
Door Dashing

Guide 17: Older Dogs
labrador retriever, dog, head-6158095.jpg

Caring for the Older Dog
Common Ailments in the Older Dog
The End of the Road
Do Dogs Mourn?
Discussion Thread – Grieving

Guide 18: Useful Information
Dog Food in a Stainless Steel Bowl

My Dog has been Attacked!
Bitch in Season
Food Discussion Thread
Moving House

Guide 19: Videos
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Does your Dog want to be Petted, or just Hang Out with you?
Counter Conditioning
Introducing Harness, Collar and Lead
Loose Lead/Leash Walking
Especially for Puppies!
Clicker Training
Calmness and Self-Control
Shaping and Targeting
Brain Games
Miscellaneous Useful Videos
Just for Fun. Adults Only!

Guide 20: Podcasts
podcast, web, radio-5227930.jpg

Letters from your Dog
Barks from the Bookshelf
Drinking from the Toilet: Real Dogs, Real Training
Woofin Pawsome Podcast
Dog Talk
The Barking Mad Dog Show
The Reactive Dog Podcast
Shaped By Dog